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Power of Prayer

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~ I love all animals and children of all ages ~

I love all my birds !

Hope Hallmark - January 2

January Baby

This birthstone is a gift from Denisse

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I am currently pursuing a 2nd degree at
Lamar University - Port Arthur, Texas
CIS - Computer Information Systems
MCSD - Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

Mother of Sean, Zeke, Ty, and Kirk


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My Only Guarantee      My angel winks at you

Accept me as I am - I have no guarantee.  A claim to perfection I have not.
Perfect I cannot be.  I, like you—am human.  Prone to make mistakes.
Failure is not a character flaw, just a part of the human makeup.
I live, I laugh and I also learn.  My knowledge is incomplete.
I am searching all the time, in waking hours as well as sleep.
I have a long road to travel, as well as you do.  We learn our lessons on the way.
Wisdom we shall accrue.  Accept me as I am Because I am—me.
And You are you.  No one like me in the world.  That is my only guarantee.

As most dreamers, I love clouds, sunsets, sunrises, autumn leaves, and
gentle rainfall.  Is there anything more wonderful than quiet times - loving
times - with that one person who makes your heart smile ?
Anything more fulfilling than sharing your dreams - your hopes -
with that one person that you feel incomplete without ?

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End of a Perfect Day
Thomas Kinkade

I love my doves


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I love to watch my flowers grow

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I love to watch my flowers grow

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